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Grand Jardin or Primary Program

Le Grand Jardin or Primary classroom allows the preschoolers to learn and thrive on their own experiences. The room is outfitted with child-sized tables and chairs arranged in small clusters; and the classroom materials are placed on child-height shelves throughout. The activities are initially presented by the teacher, and may be chosen freely by the children as their interest dictates. Our program includes activities for engaging in practical skills, materials for the development of senses, math materials, language materials, music and art materials. In our multi-age grouping, we encourage peer collaboration and assistance which can help the children achieve their potential, increase their confidence and self-esteem.

The classroom is designed for the children’s most sensitive years (between 3 and 6), so they can absorb their information from an enriched environment. According to Maria Montessori, "No human educates another human being. He must do it himself or it will never be done." Hence, the goal of a classroom should not be to fill the child with textbook facts, but rather to cultivate his own natural desire to learn. Our goal is to create the proper environment for the children to experience the enthusiasm of learning by making their own choices, and to help the primary students cultivate their own natural desire to learn.

The Bilingual Montessori Schools of Boston and Sharon offer a unique cycle of learning intended to take advantage of the children sensitive years. This is the perfect age, three and six, where the children can absorb essential information from our enriched environment. The children in the primary classroom have the opportunity to repeat as they wish practical life exercises which develop their coordination and physical independence. At that age, when the children acquire the basic skills of reading and arithmetic in a natural way, they have the advantage of beginning their education without drudgery, boredom, and discouragement. By taking advantage of such attractively presented materials, the children are able to pursue their individual interests in the classroom and increase their desire to learn. A such prepared environment is the key for the children to become true educated individuals.

"No human educates another human being.
He must do it himself or it will never be done."
- (Dr. Maria Montessori)

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